SMAT was founded by a group of Media enthusiast to cater to the current generation of budding Artists. We believe the world of Media has changed dramatically in the 21st Century and a more modern and technological skill based training is the need of the hour to compliment the creative skills of this generation. Thus “The School of Media Arts & Technology” was born.

 At SMAT we believe a strong foundation and hands on experience on various equipments & various scenarios leads to a successful carrier in the field of Media. That’s why all our courses gives you the very best foundation on your chosen courses and are backed up with some really tough practical challenges. Industry leading equipments are provided for the students to hone their skills with various mock labs replicate the very scenario the student will face when they step out to start their careers. Focusing on our Motto of “All or Nothing” we give students our all to make them the very best in the field of Media.

The SMAT Advantage

  • World class Equipment’s & Mock labs
  • Experienced and Professional Faculty Team
  • Visiting professors from all over the world to give world class master classes
  • In House & External Media production Internships
  • Job Assistance & Placements